Consulting Services

Consulting Services

With the impact of the financial and Banking challenges which  resulting changes to the regulatory landscape and consumer behaviors, retail banks have had to adapt rapidly in order to regain trust and remain competitive.  TMPs Company  works with our  clients to help them modify their business models, identify cost efficiencies and identify new growth initiatives and customer-centric strategies.

These evolving market conditions also mean build new banking products and investment tools which are able to attract customer’s  business requirements as a key issue to build strong confidence and believes in the performance of the Banking system.

Through our involvement  in the Iraqi and the International Banking Industries ,has developed an unrivalled understanding of our clients’ aspirations , to become the leading provider of strategic advice and consulting services to the industry. We have also provide commercial due diligence and strategic advice on the most successful transactions in the international banking investments as well as banking activities infrastructures. The following are what we offer:

In Banking transaction services:

  • Setting and supervising the Bank’s Strategic Plans.
  • In the Correspondent’s Banking Relationships.
  • The Bank’s organizational and administrative structures
  • Development of the bank’s work force capabilities which will lead to work on the Pursuant to the rule – The right person in the Right place.
  • Strength staff capability in their Business English Language purpose.
  • Dealing with the International Market’s products.
  • build and manage valuable foreign reserves of the bank in fields of :
  • Banking activities with their Correspondents.
  • Foreign Exchange Trading Platforms
  • International Money Market Transactions and their arrangements.
  • International Commodity Markets including.
  • Portfolio Investment structure
  • Foreign Reserve Management
  • Training ,Practicing, Developing staff capabilities to head the bank’s foreign investment policy.

In the Technical Consultancy Services, we can present to   our clients our consultancy and supports based on the Latest and most developed services including capacity building regarding :

  • Banking systems.
  • All kinds of Network systems used in the bank’s activities.
  • E-payment systems for different purposes.
  • Customized E-Learning System for bank’s workforce.
  • Other such services required by the Bank.